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Types of Door Entry Systems

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  • 23-10-2020
Types of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are an affordable security solution for keeping your property safe and secure. Protec are London based access control specialists offering the best home and office security for residential and commercial properties. We have years of experience serving across London and the home counties, including Essex and Hertfordshire, with happy customers who would not hesitate to recommend our efficient and reliable service.

Access control is not a new concept; the first and most basic form of access control, locks and keys, have been around for centuries. In modern times, we have simply improved the concept by incorporating technology, which allows the development for more complex systems for higher levels of security. Whatever your requirements, Protec will be more than happy to work with you to develop a tailored solution which will offer the ultimate peace of mind.

Audio Entry Systems

This is most commonly found in group residential dwellings such as flats and apartments; the visitor can use the intercom system to communicate with the resident to verify their identity before being granted access. Audio entry systems is often installed with other entry systems such as proximity readers or keypads for occupants.

Video Entry Systems

As the name suggests, this is very similar to the audio entry system, with the addition of a video camera which allows the resident to see the visitor before granting access. This further improves the security as the occupant is able to visually identify the visitor. The camera can be discreetly hidden out of view if required.


A coded keypad is an enhanced version of the basic key and lock concept, except there is no tangible key; you can only gain access if you put in the correct passcode. This eliminates the risk for lost and stolen keys, as well as allowing the option to change the passcode if there is a risk of compromise. The passcode can be purely numerical or alphabetical depending on the input system.

Proximity Readers

There are many forms of proximity readers available, the most popular being cards, keyfobs, and tokens. It's an extremely cost-efficient way for larger corporations to monitor access onto the premises and can even be assigned levels of access according to their role. Each reader is registered on the system so it can be easily disabled if compromised.

Biometric Access

Though more costly and complex to install, biometric access systems are one of the most secure systems available in the market. Rather than assigning a physical pass or having to remember a passcode, access is granted via unique biometric recognition, such as fingerprints or retina scanning, or facial recognition.

What type of Access Control is best for me?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to access control; the most suitable system will be decided by various factors such as any existing security systems, your current needs and future adaptability. Protec will be more be than happy to offer a free initial consultation and recommend the most suitable option for your premises.

Maintenance and Servicing

As with all mechanical and electrical systems, regular maintenance is the essential to ensuring that your system is working optimally, which in turn means that you are most protected. Our service doesn't end after we have installed your new entry system- we offer a comprehensive and meticulous servicing and aftersales service, including 24/7 call out for emergency repairs.

Our maintenance plan is completely bespoke to the requirements of your home or business, and we can carry out repairs on existing security systems which were not installed by ourselves.

Protec are proud to have happy clients throughout London who can testify for our professionalism and work quality. For more information on our services or products, simply contact us via 01245 496646 or send a message via our contact form.