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Installing Intercom Systems for the Home

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  • 21-10-2020
Installing Intercom Systems for the Home

We can help you install Intercom Systems For Home And Business Security. IntеrсоmÑ• enable communication within hоmеѕ and оffісеѕ, as wеll as outdoors if nееdеd. Intеrсоm services are a fоrm оf access control. Thеrеfоrе, a quality intеrсоm installation guarantees security. 

Keep your property safe with access control entry systems. Get in contact today to discuss solutions designed to meet your property needs. We can provide secure entry systems, audio communication systems and access control installed by our professional team.

Intercom Systems For Home Security

In the past, communicating with your family within your home was an uphill task. Well, you only had two options. You could either wander throughout the house and find them or yell to them. 

Intercoms are small devices which are located in each room and allows communication from a central hub, usually a communal area such as the kitchen, making it effortless to tell your family that dinner is ready!

The handy device also comes as a form of access control which provides security to your home. With the right entry and alarm system installed you can keep residents and visitors safe from intruders. We only work with technology approved by UK standards to ensure safety of family and visitors to your domestic or commercial building.

Intercom Systems For Home Security Intercom Systems For Home Security

Tуреѕ оf Intercom

There are several varieties of intercom security systems that can be used in both residential and commercial avenues. Typically, you can install your own device. However, some are very complicated and you might need a professional locksmith to carry out the task on your behalf. Otherwise, the entire system will be useless is not set up correctly. 

Here at Protec, we install any type of intercom device flawlessly. Various systems include:

  • Audio
  • CCTV
  • Video Entry
  • Alarms
  • Communication Systems
  • Touch Screen Entry

Wireless Intercoms

Wireless intercom comes with a handheld receiver that you can carry around either within or outside the home. They do not require any form of a power outlet. However, you have to ensure that the batteries are well inserted. Also, speakers should be well positioned. 

They are ideal for home security as it eliminates the need to drag wires across the skirting boards, which can compromise the aesthetics of your home. They are easy to install and works seamlessly with your existing security systems, including automated gates and barriers.

Door Phone Intercoms

Door phone intercoms are a great addition to any office building or apartment where security is a high priority. This handy device provides a convenient “talk back” communication. For instance, the system enables to receive “calls” on the front door from outside the building. 

This is done by pressing a button that alerts those inside the building who on the other hand can talk back by pressing a button while inside. This type of device is mostly ideal for authorised office personnel and their visitors. There are two varieties of door phone intercoms which includes video and telephone intercoms.

Video intercom systems

Video intercom systems allow both indoor and outdoor communication. We assure residential or commercial safety since property owners have discrete entry access control. They can also monitor the doors, gates, and windows using video surveillance. 

The device allows residents to take charge of their calls and can interface with up to 500 phone lines. This type of system is ideal for an office building and college resident halls, or apartments where there are multiple residents.

Customised security system

Are you looking to install a customised security system for your home or office? At Protec our team of expert technicians can build and fit any type of security system installation that you want. Our security system experts design services that fit your building exact specifications as well as personal needs. We are determined to balance aesthetics, security, and cost for our client. 

When it is time to decide who will secure your home or office in London, make the choice of Protec. We are specialists in commercial and domestic entry systems. For more information about custom security systems installation, we are just a call away. 

Our team can survey your property to work out how many people require entry and how to design the right entry system for you. We look forward to helping you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and for a quote.