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Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
Southwark, Westminster, Camden, Islington
Central London

Are you looking for Fire Extinguisher Suppliers in Central London. We provide enhanced the security of residential and commercial properties throughout Westminster, Camden, Islington.

Protec are happy to supply, install, maintain and service Fire Extinguishers, as well as the relevant signage. All of our stored pressure models are kitemarked to BS EN3:1996 and carry a five-year guarantee for maximum peace of mind.

Depending on the type of fire and the combustible involved (the object/s currently on fire), you need to use different fire extinguishers to douse the flames effectively. There are 5 main types of extinguishers, and they are colour coded and used as follows:

  Water: used for solid combustibles such as wood, cloth, and paper. It's recognisable by white border lines around the body of the canister.
  Foam: signified by the solid cream-coloured band, foam fire extinguishers are suitable for solid materials and liquid fires.
  CO2: Carbon dioxide extinguishers are easily recognised by the bell-shaped applicator, and is specialised for electrical fires.
  Dry Powder: suitable for gas, solid, and liquid fires, it's a versatile piece of kit which is represented by a blue band around the main body.
  Wet Chemical: the only extinguisher suitable for fires which involve cooking fats and oils, this yellow-coloured fire extinguisher is often found in kitchens.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are often found in the kitchen as they can be used to put out small starting fires such as any cooking mishaps. They are designed to smother flame by cutting off the oxygen supply; they are typically made from glass wool and other fire-retardant material and can be used in conjunction with fire extinguishers for added safety.

Fire Safety Signage 

We can't expect every person to remember the colour coding of the fire extinguisher types, especially not the moment of panic when a fire breaks out. Protec can supply a versatile range of relevant signage to help highlight escape routes and equipment instructions.

Maintenance & Servicing

It's not common knowledge that fire extinguishers have an expiry date- and they should also be inspected and maintained along with the rest of your fire safety system, after all, it would be rather catastrophic for it to not work when you need it. 

All of the equipment supplied by Protec are warranty-guaranteed for 5 years, but that's not excuse not to evaluate your entire fire safety system on a regular basis. This should be carried out by a licensed professional who can also advise on the location and type of your fire extinguishers, ensuring that they can be utilised to their maximum effectiveness when required.