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Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting Installation
Southwark, Westminster, Camden, Islington
Central London

Are you looking for Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting Installation in Central London. We provide enhanced the security of residential and commercial properties throughout Westminster, Camden, Islington.

A fire alarm system can be as basic or complex as required by the size of your building and fire action plans. At its core, a fire alarm serves the purpose of alerting the occupants of a building so they can evacuate the building in a safe and efficient manner.

Fire alarms can be triggered by manually, typically accomplished by breaking a specialised layer of glass and pressing a switch. For larger sites, you can additionally incorporate smoke and heat detectors, which automatically triggers the alarm when they detect sufficient levels of heat or smoke. 

The system can also incorporate a number of first-response mechanisms, such as ceiling sprinklers and immediate alerts to emergency services. If required, it can additionally be connected to the security access system in the building to disable certain doors to allow for prompt evacuation.

We recommend having a service plan for your Fire Alarm System, to ensure compliance with Local Authority regulations. We can offer Fire Alarm Servicing on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, although the Emergency Lighting is carried out on an annual basis.

Regular Maintenance
Independent and certified service
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Parts & Labour at discounted rates
Free assessment of coverage
No call-out or mileage charges
Flexibility to meet your individual needs
No yearly payments in advance
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Emergency Lighting 

If the main power supply has been cut in an emergency, you may start to notice small lights in places you've never noticed before. Emergency lightings are battery-powered and are strategically located to provide a low level of illumination to assist in safe evacuation when the normal illumination fails. 

Protec can design and install emergency lighting fixtures that is fully-certified. Once again, they should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their effectiveness when they are needed.