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Are you looking for CCTV installation in central London? Our specialist security installers can help you add CCTV security for your home or office. We provide enhanced the security of residential and commercial properties throughout Westminster, Camden, Islington.

Protecting your property has never been more important and here at Amblecote LLP, we’re in the business of helping you to safeguard all of your treasured possessions with a minimum of fuss and maximum affordability! Outdoor CCTV camera equipment is a common site on business premises and with close collaboration with our suppliers, we’re now offering discreet systems for use in the domestic environment.

You want CCTV security cameras of a high enough resolution to be useful, ideally with night vision capabilities, for total security at any time of the day or night. Depending on your needs you could want CCTV security cameras with zoom, tilt and adjustable angle capabilities, or you could simply want a basic model for residential use. Whatever your requirements, we have the CCTV cameras to accommodate. 

We offer CCTV Camera Systems for the home or office throughout London, Essex, and Kent. Closed Circuit Television was commercially launched in 1949, and has since evolved to be one of the most common security practices installed in commercial properties. For larger sites, it’s common practice to have multiple cameras, centrally monitored in a security control room.

All of the CCTV camera equipment that we supply are rigorously tested to ensure reliability. We’re proud to provide the highest quality security equipment available on the market today. We also offer excellent customer support, meaning you can buy from us with confidence.


The overall cost of the installation will vary according to your individual needs, the area of the site as well as any existing cabling infrastructure. Where possible, we will always utilise any existing cabling to reduce the cost for you, of course, first ensuring that it’s safe to do so.

Amblecote LLP do have a range of cameras which allow for live voice feedback; however, these are mostly recommended for indoor and private use, as it can be illegal to record conversations for the public camera as it’s an invasion of privacy.

While security lighting can be an effective deterrent for thieves and trespassers, they are not a requirement for our cameras to operate optimally as we have a range of models which have infrared night vision, offering crisp, high-quality videos in low light and darkness.

It’s understandable that you may think that a main-powered CCTV camera will cease to function in a power cut; however, Amblecote LLP has a range of battery-powered models and back-up power sources to secure your premises at all times.

Live video feedback availability will depend on the model you have chosen; in most cases, you will be able to connect a screen to the camera(s) for continuous monitoring, for remote access, please contact Amblecote LLP for more information.

Main Benefits of CCTV Installation

There are so many benefits to having CCTV installed in and around your property. They are so great for security reasons and can benefit not only homes but also commercial properties to keep your business safe. 

Here at Amblecote LLP, we have years of experience in the industry, and we can give you the advice you need regarding CCTV, and the benefits it will have on your life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Here are a few of the main benefits of CCTV installation, and how they can improve your lifestyle:

Deter Criminal Activity

Having CCTV around your property will be a major deterrent against theft and other criminal activities, as people will know they can be seen and easily identified. This adds an extra layer protection for your family, assets and property or your employees and business. 

Having CCTV around the interior and exterior of your property is recommended to help the police and detectives solve crimes. In fact, deterring criminal activity is probably one of the biggest benefits of having CCTV. Different studies have found that having CCTV in car parks, public transport and other public areas decreased the crime rate significantly. 

Improved Home Insurance Rates

Having CCTV security systems fitted around your home will also improve your home insurance rates, as it reduces the risk of criminal activities. This will save you money on your insurance, which is a great benefit of having CCTV. CCTV systems also provide evidence, if you are ever effected by criminal activity, to make your insurance claims.

Having even more evidence of criminal activity gives you more of a chance of getting your insurance claim. It is possible for your insurance company to decline your reimbursement if you haven’t got the necessary security equipment; the main one being CCTV. 

Peace of Mind

CCTV security systems are perfect for giving you and your family, or employees, peace of mind. This is because you basically have an extra set of eyes surrounding your property, deterring thieves and other criminal activities. This will take more stress away from you, and help you and your family to feel more protected and secure.

If you do happen to experience a burglary, then you have the whole thing on video, including what they stole, what they looked like, and any other significant evidence. This could be crucial for both the police and detectives and also to get your insurance claim. 


An excellent benefit of CCTV systems is that you only really have the one-off original payment to buy and install the system itself. After this, it will only be repairs and maintenance that you have to pay for. Providing you maintain your CCTV cameras regularly and correctly, they should last years. This is much cheaper than hiring security guards. 

If you would like to find out more information about maintaining your CCTV security systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have years of experience in the industry and want to ensure your CCTV is as cost-effective as possible. 

Are you Worried about your Property Security?

If you’re worried about your property security, then you should definitely try CCTV security systems. They provide a cost-effective and highly beneficial solution to your security worries. Give you and your family peace of mind today by installing CCTV around the interior and exterior of your property. 

We have years of experience and knowledge to give you the advice you need. A member of our team is always happy to help and answer any queries and questions you may have.

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